Attendants and Flower Girls

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Attendants and Flower Girls

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Your Attendants,  Junior Bridesmaids and Flower girls will all be pampered as well. Attendants will be receiving the option of airbrush foundation and of course lashes are included. Our Jr. Bridesmaids enjoy the same pampering, but with a lighter touch,  so they still look young and fresh.

Hair services for the Attendants and Jr. Bridesmaids are about 1 hour each. The stylists will make recommendations and guide them to the correct styling with consideration of hair texture, weather and style of dress.

Flower Girls are complimentary as always and include lip and a cheek stain. They always love to be included! Flower girls may choose a braid, bun or simple curled style. It is our pleasure to style your Flower girls complimentary.

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