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The Studio & Spa

I feel so blessed to call Cape Cod my home for these last 18 years. I’ve happily raised my family and have found great joy in building my “business baby” here on this lovely stretch of sand. My ‘lil boutique Studio & Spa is my own personal dream come true. My business has allowed me to cater to the specific needs of each special client, with my greatest desire to have everyone’s experience to be comfortable, heavenly and full of little surprises! I enjoy all the small things that combine to make a wonderful experience that feeds the soul and after years of serving hundreds of brides and working in a noisy, busy salon, my boutique is private and uniquely mine… hallelujah!

My Passion

Since I started my career as a model and artist, I have always been passionate about beauty of all sorts. I see something lovely in the curves of a silhouette, the color explosion in the  pupil of an eye ( have you ever looked…it’s amazing! ) or just the glow you can find in beautiful, clean, happy skin. Finding I have a joy, passion and internal need to make others feel fabulous, special and powerful through my art, has been the best part of my personal life path.

My experience in cosmetics, customer service and education as a licensed Aesthetician has given me wonderful opportunity. My work has been on covers of magazines, I’ve written articles on beauty in bridal publications, I’ve worked “Style Week” for many designers and been the co-ordinator for many bridal runway shows. Although I have extensive experience and I’m known for specializing in ‘Timeless Beauty” and a “Fresh Faced Seaside Bride”, I continue my travel and training even as a veteran artist. Fashion and style, as well as, products and beauty at large, will always evolve. As they say, “One day what is in, will soon be out!” Understanding the history of fashion, it’s designers and style icons and continuing to work with other global mentor artists,  keeps the quality of my work the best it can possibly be. I’m so very proud of that!

Come Visit

I look forward to meeting you and hope you will visit my Studio & Spa on Cape Cod. I encourage you to share your vision for the anticipated day and tell me all the details, so I can customize a personal luxury experience. Finally, allow me to pull them together for a symphony of beauty on the most special day of your life!

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