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Makeup Tutorials

Makeup Classes (Private or Group)

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Everyone has come home from the makeup counter with cosmetics they have purchased and still don’t know how to apply. Private or group makeup classes are the best way to update your products, revamp your style, freshen your skin and polish your cosmetic regime. In my private class, we identify your face shape, talk about color for your skin tone and actually apply the products according to your facial features. I’ll address any personal challenges and we will work together until you are feeing confident.

Larger classes are able to be customized to the demographics of the group. They also can have chosen themes (“day to night” or “makeup artist tips and tricks”). Instruction includes a workbook, face charts, product lists and personalized swag bag. A private tutorial will have you leaving  here with confidence knowing that you can walk into any makeup store and make a purchase that will work for you. Finally, your list of products will be hand picked by me and personalized to ensure that you will have results.

Private classes are three hours. In some cases, they can run longer. Additionally, group classes can run longer, please inquire.

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