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Polished, Rugged, Handsome…

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Let’s be honest, the Bride is the focus of the wedding day but let’s not forget about our handsome groom. No matter how manly he is, you know he wants to look and feel his personal best as well.  Secretly men love a little pampering after a round of golf or morning fishing. For this reason, we offer discreet packages that can be done the day of the wedding to ensure your Groom is picture ready as well. You can relax knowing that we are there to help take care of the little things that make a huge impact. From cleaning up side burns and hair lines to discreetly camouflaging imperfections we are happy to send you our extensive list of men’s grooming services.

Below is a list of options that you may add to any package. We can truly customize it to what you think he would like. Add as many or as few…

  • Destress hand massages with special detail given to moisturize and tame cuticles for picture perfect hands.
  • We can address sunburns, acne, hyper pigmentation and other skin discolorations with many options. From a lightly tinted sunscreen, concealer, or even air brush the coverage can be customized to suit his preferences and be discreet and unnoticeable.
  • For stress related acne, simple concealer is fabulous and subtle.
  • Matte bronzing powder can offer a healthy tanned glow with out shine.
  • During humid summer weather, we apply oil free primer with a matte translucent powder can be used to reduce oil and shine for pictures.
  • For gentleman who have beards we offer an array of products to help tame and and condition facial hair.
  • A matte lip moisturizer to keep lips from looking and feeling dry and still kissable.
  • Our professional kits include trimmers, clippers, scissors and razors to help clean stray hairs along hairlines, beard and mustache line, ears, brows, nose hairs, neck and yes even the top of the chest area. We can use any of these tools to provide a more polished look when your groom has overlooked these small details.
  • Our kits also include waxes, gels, and sprays for the hair. We carry extra razors, shaving creams, toothbrushes, deodorants and mini first aid kits.
  • Our artists train to provide the proper product application for men which is much different then for women. We know all the manly tricks of the trade!
  • Many times we are there to help them with the final details that grooms overlook. Most guys have no idea how to put on a boutonnière and we are happy to help. We always carry a mini sewing kit, extra pins, and those little things. 
  • If there might be something that you would like to request just let us know. We are happy to tailor a package just for you! If you would like us to be there for all the groomsmen we can arrange that too.

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